Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"Children you may look about town and do your shopping. We will need to all meet back at the wagon in a couple of hours. Pa is then going to treat us to lunch at the Hotel, after lunch we will gather our food and supplies , then head toward home." BE GOOD"!!!!!! Have fun.

Oh what fun this will be . Katie Ann you look worried. Can you tell me what is wrong?? "Mandy; I ran away and I am pretty sure my parents would be looking here for me. " Katie we better go find Pa, and Ma, they need for you to tell them your story so they can help you." "Katie they will help you"!!! " I know Mandy but I am afraid. "Joseph you go find them and we will wait here."
" Katie I can"t believe you ran away." "Why did you do it. "Mandy I heard my parents talking about how Pa had no work and the crops had not been good, Ma was saying how she could take in wash, so I thought I could help too." "So I thought if I left I could find a job and send them money. Now I see how wrong that was. "I see all the love your family has for each other, even strangers. You all work together, help each other, I see if I had stayed I could have helped Pa and Ma. I know now that with Love all things are possible. "Do you think your folks can help me find my family and get back home." "Yes, I know they will want to do all they can to help.!!!

Here they come now !!!!!!


Sandi McBride said...

Sadly this is a tale of our times and I worry about the children who worry about their parents and how they will make ends meet. Very thoughtfully told

Vee said...

Oh I think that this will be a satisfying ending. Sandi's right...too many children worrying about how their parents are going to make ends meet.