Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going Home!!!

My goodness children what is all the ruckus about????

" Ma, Pa, Katie has ran away from home!!" " Katie I think you should start from the beginning and tell us everything."

" So you see, I am so sorry for all of this and want to go home. I hope Pa and ma aren't too mad with me." "Child your parents will be so very happy to have you home and to know you are safe." " Ma we had better get the shopping done pretty quick and buy extra supplies for the trip to get Katie home." Well do not just stand there children. run and get the things you want. "Katie Ann, come here child. Everything will be fine, Pa give Katie a dime so she can get something for her parents. I saw some piece goods you ma might want to sew up a dress, and some warm socks for you Pa might be in order. I do hope the shop keeper has those Apples and Oranges I have been wanting. We could get some extras for your Family. Katie do you have any bothers or sisters? No madam I am the only child. " I love to meet new people. This will be such a fun Christmas adventure. " Tomorrow is Christmas Eve we will not make it in time. ' Child Christmas is in your heart, we can celebrate it when we get you home"!!!!

Ma come on I have saved all year for a big day in town at Christmas, We are all going to the hotel to have lunch, A few hours will not make any difference. I have the directions to their place. This will be our last big meal until we get there.

Okay children load up all your things and help Pa with the loading of the supplies.

Everyone and everything on board?? Off we go.


tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Mary,

I must go and catch-up on what I have missed in this lovely story.

Happy New Year dear friend!! The Blessing of yet another year is certainly a good thing..:o) Continue to enjoy a beautiful week.



PEA said...

I am so loving this story!!

Have a wonderful weekend dear Mary. xoxo

Jack Canfield said...

What a great and lovely post!