Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ma we have the fresh water and fire wood you wanted. Here are the supplies from the wagon. May we all put our presents under the tree. Yes of course you may. Can we also hang our stockings on the mantle Mrs. Perkins. Oh please just call me Abby everyone does.

After dinner we will read the Christmas Story from the bible then we will open our gifts. Please excuse me Abby I have a few things I want to add to the gifts under the tree.

Now lets see Beth, I have got that lovely ham in your brought, the bread is rising, the sweet potatoes are ready to bake. The string beans are boiling with the fatback you brought to season them with. Corn is simmering in the iron skillet, The pies are cooling on the window ledge.

I am so full!! What a meal you ladies set a mighty fine table. They kids are so happy with their gifts. This was a beautiful Christmas. Yes we were so Blessed to have our child home, to make such good friends and all the kindness you have brought us.

I know the New Year will be filled with some many good things and restored hope and dreams.

With all the things you brought and the seed for planting I can clear some additional ground and plant more crops. With the extra income we will be able to paid off everything and have enough for the next year.

We need to be getting to bed, need to get up at daylight so we can make an early start home. Must you leave so soon, we were hoping you would wait until after the New Year. Pa what do you think could we manage that. I think so the neighbors will feed and water the livestock until we return. The kids are going to be so unhappy when they have to say good-bye. I think we will accept your invite.

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Auntie Bliss said...

What fun! I think people did stay for long visits back then.
Have you read those Jane Austen books? I have two if you want them.