Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Again

Katie Ann , I picked this ribbon up at the General Store, I think It would be so pretty braided in your hair. May I do that for you , oh yes please do so Ma.
You are so very beautiful I know your parents will be so happy to see you. I sure do hope you are right. I know I cannot wait to see them.

Well Pa time to meet the Perkins family. I sure do hope they like the Leech Family. Pa I think we will all get along fine. My dear sweet Beth I know they will love you. I too know they will take to you William.

Jess there is someone knocking at the cabin door. I am coming Abagail. Oh my. Abagail come quick. What is wrong Jess?? " Katie Ann, oh our sweet child, it really is you. I prayed for a Christmas miracle and you would be reunited with us. This is such a Blessing. Please come in all of you. Jess help them with their team. I know you all are about froze to the bone. Come and warm by the hearth. I will boil some water for tea. My name is Abagail. We are the Leech's. My name is Beth, this here is my husband William, our children Mandy and Joseph. Please after you warm can you tell us how you came across our Katie Ann. Of course, but lets give Katie a chance to explain why she left.

So you see Ma, and Pa when I heard you talking I thought if I left I could find work and help you all. Sweet child we will be fine if we are all together, but without you here with us we are so sad. What a Blessing these good folks stumbled across you. Here it is Christmas morning. I cannot thank you enough for bringing her back to us. You will stay and have Christmas with us. We do not have allot but we will like to share it with you. We would be honored to stay and have Christmas with you all. We have brought some things with us. The young ones can bring it in from the wagon. Also when the townspeople heard of your plight they sent you supplies, seeds for next years crops and some money to see you through the winter. You have done all this for people you do not know. We know your daughter and that tells us all we need to know.

We have no words to thank- you for all you folks have done for us. Lets get that team unhitched so the women folk can start their cooking and we can get them what they need. Kids you get busy helping.


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