Friday, January 7, 2011

The Next Day!!

"Ma, I am making some paper dolls, clothes and stands out of the cardboard I saved this year." Do you think Katie will like them? "Mandy I am sure she will"!!! I am so proud of you kids and the way you have treated Katie, Ma she has treated us the same way, I think she is very nice.

"You know that quilt I was working on, I am going to give it to her folks for Christmas". Ma it is going to be such a grand Christmas when we see them. I know, I brought lots of food to cook for our meals, and I brought things we put up this Summer to see them through the Winter. Pa took some of our seed money and bought some staple items for them. He said some of the other farmers would help him, and he had saved lots of seeds for next years crops. The storekeeper when he heard of what we were doing, sent apples, oranges, stick candy, some side meat, and sausage for them. The man at the livery send food for the stock. "No wonder our wagon is packed and Pa brought the extra horses. Well the towns people took up a collection and we have that to help them pay on their bills. Yes it will be a wonderful time when we meet up with them.

Everyone rise and shine time to get started. Joseph feed and water the livestock. Mandy you girls set out the biscuits and fried pies from last night, We will eat a quick breakfast and get on the road.

That wind is up and I can feel a storm brooding. We will not stop for lunch we need the extra time. If we drive though we can make it to their place by nightfall. Ma slice some of that ham and fry it up we will put it on the bread you brought and can eat as we travel. Sounds good to me. Joseph you fetch enough water to refill the barrel. Katie I believe you will be spending Christmas night in your own bed. "Thank-you all for what you are doing for me and my family"!!

I see smoke Pa. "Joseph I do think we have found their cabin. I going to rein the animals in, so the ladies can freshen up. You start a fire and put some water on to heat. " Pa why are we stopping??" We are here, Mandy we are here, that is my home down there!!!!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Mary,
I love your stories, I wish you would write a book. I get lost in your words. I wrote a post yesterday about paper dolls and memories.

The winter is the best time to be cozy with memories. Your story surely leads one down Memory Lane.

PEA said...

I can feel Katie's excitement as well as the others:-) I love it that the community got together and donated all those goods and money for Katie's family....oh, I can't wait for what happens next!!! xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Mary, Again--I am here to say THANKS for writing such a great story. I remember playing with paper dolls...Don't think kids do that much anymore.

I love the way you use words, like FETCH... I haven't heard that one in many years....

Thanks again Mary for a great story...

tea time and roses said...

You my friend are a natural born writer!:o) I love your stories!

Thank you so much for this Mary! Happy weekend to you and the family.