Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving surprise

The door opens, bringing with it a cold burst of air. My it is turning cold outside. I think the first snow fall is on it's way.

Well Ma what do you think? Is this turkey big enough for our feast tomorrow? Oh Pa what a grand bird!!! The children will be beside themselves when they see it. The hunting must have been good today. Did our neighbor Mr. James get one for his family. Yes he did and while we were at it, shot a 10 point buck for the larder. We hung him in the barn. Tomorrow James is coming over to help me clean it. Thought we better get a start in laying in the meat for the winter. Can tan that hide and make a vest for the boy for Christmas. Probably enough to fashion a pair of moccasins for the girl too.

Pa that's just like you thinking ahead, always thinking ahead. For now we need to get things ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. Then we will start thinking on Christmas. You know I'll need to be making a trip to town bout the first week of December. The young ones will want to go along too.

Well Ma I be taking this turkey to the barn and getting it dressed. While I am at it I will chopped you a pile of wood for your cook stove. I have the boy bring it in when he gets here from school. Thanks Pa. I need to get started on the baking.

Let's see now where have I gotten with the baking? I have the apple cake baked, the bread dough is rising, the cornbread is crumbled for the stuffing. I need to roll out the crust for the sweet potato pies. Just as she was recalling what she needed to do the door opened and in rushed the children.

Now how many times have I told you two, to take off those muddy boots before you come in, behind them their beloved dog Scruff stood barking. Ma just laughed at the sight of it all.

( To Be Continued)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Mary, I love Thanksgiving stories and memories... Can't wait to read more about the Thanksgiving Surprise....

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time --when remembering family, those gone and those still with us. I am working on a blog for next week--about memories of my family.


Kat said...

Good morning Mary. Yeah, another story!


PEA said...

I so love reading stories like this and I can picture it all in my mind:-) Can't wait to read the rest of the story!!!

Very cold here today, we even have snowflakes flying around! xoxo