Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Thanksgiving Surprise

Scruff; Mom called out; get yourself over by the hearth with the children and warm up.

How was your day at school Mandy? Did you know all of your spelling words?

Yes Ma I got them all right. Joseph did good also. Teacher said we were getting out at noon Tomorrow for the Holiday. Don't have to come back to school till Monday. All the kids were yelling and running home. So glad to have 4 days off from doing school work.

You best be getting at your chores. Joseph, Pa is out back chopping wood you need to tote it in. Mandy I need you to go fetch a bucket of water from the creek. Now don't be tarrying about so much to do. Scruff you go with Mandy and watch after her. Now get going.

Come on now Scruff Ma won't want us lolly-gaging around she's needing this water. She wants to put the vegetables on to boil for tonight's stew. If we hurry and you are a good dog she will pro bally share our vittles with you.

Along Mandy and Scruff walk side by side. Mandy kicking a rock with the toe of her shoe, Scruff with his nose to the ground sniffing. Then out of no where they hear a strange noise Scruff's ears perk up, Mandy feels a chill run through her bones. I know boy I heard it too. Walking at a fast pace she enters the house gasping for breath.

Mandy what in the world is wrong with you? Child you are so pale. Ma I am just plain scare. As Scruff and I were heading back to the house we heard a very strange noise. We both looked around but didn't see a thing. So we hightailed back to home as fast as we could.

Child get yourself a cold drink of water and set down when Pa comes to the house we'll talk about it.

(to be continued)


tea time and roses said...

Hello Mary,

This is a real treat, another story from you!:o) I have so loved each of your stories, you are indeed a wonderful writer. I also love the title. I have missed your intro post so I have some catching up to do. I am excited!!:o)

You and the family enjoy a beautiful weekend!




Love your story, Mary! You are a great writer!
Looking forward to more,
Have a lovely weekend.
deb :)