Monday, August 16, 2010


Some days the memories of days when my children were small come rushing back to me.

Today was one of those days. I was brought back to a time when our oldest son was 8 years old.

This was at a time in our lives when we were raising 4 children on one income. Not a lot of money. On this particular day our children had been very good. So I had enough money to buy each one of them a candy bar. This was two days before my husband's payday and this was all the money we had. My husband drove us to the store I went in with them, giving each one of them their money. I wanted them to be able to select their own candy and pay for it. I guided them as to how much money they each had and what they were able to purchase. This was for them a very big deal. After they made their selections we waited in line to pay.

In front of our oldest son there was and elderly man who lacked a dime having enough money to pay for his item. Our son did not hesitate he said sir you can have my dime. I was so very proud of him, my heart was almost bursting with the love I felt.

You see I had no more money to replace the dime with and he did not have enough money to get his candy bar. He did not seem to mind, though a few seconds before he was so excited about it. ( his brother and sister's shared their candy with him)

Till this very day I do not think about this without my heart filling with pride at this unselfish act by my child. Tears well up in my eyes as I think of the sacrifice this 8 year old made to show kindness to someone else.

During the passing years this memory as well as many others from my children's childhood come rushing back when I need a pick me up.

God is so good to us in this way.

What special memories do you have of your children growing up???


Vee said...

Oh that is a special memory and one that I know brings a lot of joy. Brother and sister were very good to share, too. I think they were all raised by a good mama and papa.

Blissitydoodah said...


I remember riding my bike to the IGA when I was 8 and buying the Kool-Aid pkg that had sugar in it and dipping my wet finger alllll day and it would be PURPLE for days :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

It all depends upon how YOU (we) raise our children. I'll bet that all of them are still 'giving' to this day--just like their mother... Kids learn from their parents --and I always wanted to set the example for my sons. Luckily, it worked for me too since all three of my sons have turned out really good.... I'm proud of them.

Congrats Mary to you and to that little guy when he was only eight.


Oh Mary,
You have certainly taught your children God's Love!!! Blessing to you and your beloved family!
Have you been making cards??
deb :)

tea time and roses said...

What a lovely post dear Mary. The heart of child is something each of us should aspire to be. Such a beautiful memory, a beautiful memory indeed.

You and your sweet family enjoy a most lovely week.



see you there! said...

That is certainly a wonderful memory Mary. How proud you must have been, and what good parents that boy still has.


Karen June Miller said...

What a precious story! These are the true rewards of parenting — when we see them look beyond their own desire to someone else's need! My youngest is like this. And, you are so right how memories like these stand out.

Thanks for sharing, Mary! And, have yourself a beautiful weekend!


P.S. I'm taking care of your shipment today! Let me know what recipe you make first!

Lallee said...

Mary, what a precious, precious story. Don't you know God had a big, big smile as he watched your son!!!! Thank you for sharing.

Amy said...

That is so beautiful! What a sweet child. What more could any mother ask for?

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