Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome September

Hi everyone, it is a beautiful day here in Southern Kentucky!!!!!

We are grilling a pork loin for dinner. Now that Sept. is almost here we are craving the comfort foods we associate with Fall.

Last evening I made homemade chicken & cornbread dressing.

Tomorrow who knows?????

What are your favorite Fall foods and please include the recipes????


Elaine said...

Indeed fall is on it's way..I have seen some of our trees here in Michigan is turning.. Pork loin sounds good..I'm a bit hungry.

Vee said...

I haven't started craving fall foods because it's been so hot...in the 90s for way too long. As soon as the cool comes, I'll be all about fall. That pork loin sounds delish!

Blissitydoodah said...

I made a pot of bad chili :( Hehe.
Ummm...apple pie...crusty bread and beer cheese soup. Ever had it?

PEA said...

Hello dear Mary:-)

I wish I could say that Fall has begun over here but it's another hot and humid day. I just came back from bringing mom shopping and out for lunch and I'm soaked right through. Thank goodness for the air conditioner in the house!! lol

One of my favourite Fall comfort foods is Beef Stew like the one I made yesterday...have a picture of it on my blog:-) I also love Chili eaten with fresh homemade bread. Now you have me drooling! lol

Hope you've been well, I've really been missing finding the time to visit all of my blogging buddies most of the summer. Things are slowing right down now, though, so I should be able to get right back into my blogging:-) xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Mary, We are supposed to get much cooler here on Saturday... But today and tomorrow are HOT as blue blazes. I'm SO ready for Fall.

My favorite Fall meal is a big bowl of Pinto Beans and cornbread.... Don't know why but I always associate that with Fall --but I do...

Have a great week..


Hi Mary,
Today was perfect ~ weather :)
I love stew and I make it with browned stew meat, 1 can tomato paste, cut up carrots, potatoes and some broth...let it cook for a couple of hours at 250...serve with corn bread...yummy. I think there is a little water too and you can add any spices that you like.
deb :)

Karen June Miller said...

Oh do I wish I lived in your neighborhood! I don't have a dog to walk, but I would invent some reason to stop by with all that good fall food cooking on the barbeque! Yum!

Thanks for the compliment on my new blog banner. It is so fun using digital scrapbooking!

Smiles, KJ

Amy said...

Can you believe it is September already? I start Sunday School this week and I'm not ready!

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