Sunday, August 12, 2007


Have just been to church services. We have a great pastor and I truly belive he is filled with the spirit of our Lord. He has been speaking on what a big God we have and the need to do big things in his nameThose are powerful thoughts. He has also been speaking on the need for prayer in all aspects of our lives. I believe that there is no prayer to small or to large for our God. My goal this week is to do some act of kindness each day for someone else. It might be giving an older person ,who cannot get out of the house a phone call . Or maybe sending a card to someone,or helping a child with their homework, or simply baking my husband his favorite pie. The small acts of kindness can be BIG to the person you are doing them for.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'll make it my goal too!

willzmom said...

I'll bet you already do kind things for people. If that lesson can touch your heart then it's already a wonderfully kind one. I hope that you have a great day:-)