Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Block Party

Today was our interchurch meeting. We had a good time planning our annual block party. This is were we block off the street in front of our church. We come together as a community and grill hamburgers and hotdogs. We have games for the children and Gospel music for the adults. All of this is free to those attending. It is a time for neighbors to visit and recall past block parties and the fun and fellowship we shared. This always takes place in September and is a nice way to begin the fall.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

It can't possibly have been a year since we did this!
I hope it will cool down quite a bit before this day rolls around or I might be in my house crunching ice :)

willzmom said...

That sounds so nice. I might have to drive over the state line to attend.

Mary Isabella said...

YOU think you need spell check I was reading over my post. OOOOOO my do I need it. And to think I won spelling bees when I was in school. You have a great spot love to drop in and spend a few monments with you.