Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Front Porch

As a child I grew up in a time when you did not have to lock your doors at night, or when we left to go to "town".

If was in the time when neighbors would drop by. No phone calls to ask, no appointments. You see these were the days of sitting on the front porch and "hailing" all who passed by. Come set a spell and talk to us was a common saying. Set we did.

As a child I spent allot of time out side. In our house the T.V. was only turned on when an adult did.

Most Summer nights found us setting on our huge wrap around front porch sipping ice tea. Or swing in one of our two large porch swings. We would set there until time for bed. Some times we would run about or yard playing games. These were the the days of freeze tag, hiding go seek, Simon says. What fun we had!!! I can still hear the giggles and laughter of my sisters and my little brother. I so miss those times and my brother!! Other nights would find us chasing lighting bugs. There was so much fun.

During the day we would still run about our yard. Our Mother and Grandmother had a wringer washer. On wash days you would fine the clothes lines drooping with the load of laundry. I could not wait for bed time on these days. I so love the feel and smell of fresh sheets dried on the line.

To be continued-------


eugene said...

Those were the days ha?

hey stumbled upon your blog, so must leave a comment or two before i zoom out of here

take care now and god bless

My Vintage Studio said...

Good morning Mary.
Such wonderful memories!
Thank you for sharing with us.
Wishing you a wondeful weekend!
Hugs, Sharon

vivian said...

loving reading your childhood memories! I lived outside in the summer when I was a kid! I'd drag out all my barbies and build elaborate houses for them on our front porch. or Id take them out back to a little wooded area by the garage and set up a camp site for them! I LOVED those hours and hours that I spent playing like that! oh to be a kid again!
have a great weekend mary!

PEA said...

As you say, I wish we could go back to those days! I remember being outside and playing from morning to sundown and begging mom to let us have a picnic outside every day for lunch:-) Sandwiches and koolaid...yummmm! lol Oh yes, how many evenings did we play hide go seek when it would get dark. Wonderful memories and it's sad to think that so many children these days have no clue of the fun they're missing out on. xoxo

Denise said...

Oh I used to think that we had the good life.. but I look back on the summer nights in grandma's yard.... I wish for that again...... Simple life ....... She had the good life.. We struggle......

Easter Blessings

Amy said...

We live in a rental house right now on a busy road without a sidewalk. Someday, I dream of owning a home with a nice porch where you can sit in the evenings and say hi to your neighbors while watching the world go by!

Crafting by Candlelight


Hi Mary,
I think a wrap around porch would be awesome...sitting outside and enjoying God's beauty.
Have a great weekend.
Deb :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh the good ole' days, Mary..... I yearn for those times again--but they'll never happen (unfortunately)... But--it's fun to remember!!!!


Cottage Cozy said...

Oh Mary Isabella...I so fondly remember those days as well...can't wait to hear more!

bluemuf said...

Dear Mary, I am so enjoying your memories of the past. I think those were simpler times and not as fast paced as it is today. I sometimes think I would like to go back to a slower life style

Hugs Karen

Kat said...

Great memories!


Susie Q said...

Weren't those sweet days? I too remember a life like that and thinking about them brings such a smile to my lips and to my heart.
Love and many hugs to you all.
Wishing you a most happy Easter dear heart!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Mary, thanks for the walk down memory lane hon ! It brought back good memories.

Lallee said...

I remember those wonderful memories of childhood games played outside. We also loved to play Kick the Can as soon as it got dark.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love your stories of when you were little. I just love how gorgeous your blog looks too.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter.


tea time and roses said...

Hello Mary!

Hope you and the family are enjoying a lovely Good Friday. Wishing you a most beautiful Easter.



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