Saturday, May 24, 2008

With Respect and Honor!!!!

This is Memorial Day weekend. A time we set aside to honor and to show respect for those who have died and fought for our gift of freedom. We currently have large numbers of our women and men who are putting themselves in harms way to ensure we are still able to live in the land of the free.

As we are cooking out, traveling and simply enjoying a long weekend please take the time out to remember those who have given of themselves and some even paying the ultimate prize for us to live in this great country of ours. Also please remember our servicemen and women"s families. They are making great sacrifices also. Being separated for long periods of time from those they love so dearly.

I found this poem by Roger J. Robicheau and I would like to share it with you. For me it spoke volumes and I hope you will gain a lot from it also.

The American Hero always comes through
To capture our hearts with a spirit so true

Some proudly are solders who march in harm's way
Insuring our freedom, courageous they stay

While others come forth as civilians so brave
Determined in purpose so steadfast to save

We should always keep clear a place in our heart
For each has a value beyond precious art

Their duty to country will not be surpassed
Please honor their courage, for some it's their last

We live in a world which can be hard to bear
Thank God for these people, how greatly they care

Do ponder new heroes and what they will face
And pray for their safety no matter their place

Our heritage brings out the best, as we all know
Our great book of heroes is destined to grow.

Please have a fun, safe and very Blessed weekend!!!!!!!!!



Sandi McBride said...

Amen Mary. Amen

Mary said...

A beautiful tribute to soldiers past, present and future. Thank you.


bluemuf said...

Mary, That is a lovely poem and tribute.

Hugs Karen

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thank you for this thoughtful post. I love the poem and it's always right to remember those who are in harm's way right now, today. A wonderful reminder!

Hope that you and yours are enjoying a pleasant holiday weekend.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Nice poem...I've been lucky with 3 brothers never being drafted...6 nephews...3 sons...thankful for others who gave for us.

willzmom said...

Thanks for your thoughts-they are so true. I hope that your day is lovely.

Denise said...

Beautiful tribute...... and we need to all understand the price that was paid for our freedom.....

justabeachkat said...

What a beautifully written tribute to our heroes!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


Daughter of the King said...

Great poem.
We have so much to be thankful for.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Lovely Memorial Day tribute..

Centsible Mommy said...


You had stopped by my blog a few days back and left a comment. I had some free time so I thought I would stop by yours and check yours out. I love this post, so beautiful & thoughtful.

Happy Memorial Day,

Centsible Mommy

Anonymous said...

Hope your weekend was great also.

a portland granny said...

I loved your post....and the poem was wonderful! I am always very somber as we celebrate this week end. It brings back many memories from girl hood. We were barely out of WW II and the Korean conflict started, with many of my class- mates going, including my brother. It was a hard time in our lives, even as today's war is. It takes a toll and I never see a service man that I don't fight a tight throat and tears. Praise God for those people who have given so freely for our magnificent country!!

We are blessed!