Friday, February 15, 2008


Mom may I use some of your scraps of lace to make my Valentine's?
Yes of course you may,Victoria. I will get my sewing box and see what I have. Here are some pieces of fabric,ribbion, lace and some buttons. Thank-you Mom this will make some nice cards.
Victoria, may I ask who you are making cards for? Yes, you may Mom, I am making one for Mrs. Amanda and one for Henry and One for our new Preacher,William. I see said Emily.
Well you better get started. I will help you cut the hearts and with the letters and I will mix up some flour to make a paste. Why? So you will be able to stick the lace and things on.
Mother, someone is knocking on our door.
Emily rushes to open the door and there standing on the other side is Adam. Good Morning sir, how may I help you. You can start by asking me in. I seem to have forgotten my manners,Please do come in. Your remember my daughter, Victoria? Yes of course I do. From behind his back he hands Victoria the most beautiful red stain box. For me she asks.?Yes, please open it. May I Mother? Yes of course. Chocolates wrapped in gold papers. Thank- you so much. Now for you Miss Emily and he hands her a beautiful wrapped gift. Oh, thank-you,but I can not accept that. Why please tell? Because we hardly know each other and it would not be proper. In that case you and Victoria must come into town with me for lunch. We really shouldn't. Are you forgetting that you owe me a lunch as I purchased one last evening. Did you not recieve it? Yes, I did but your company was part of the deal. Now run along and get your's and your sweet daughter's coats.. I will wait for you in the carriage.


Mimi said...

OK Adam...I think Miss Emily is already spoken for!!!
or at least thought about speaking for!!!

Jackie said...

Hmmmm, Emily could be facing a large problem. Sure hope Henry keeps his cool through all this.

PEA said...

I am so enjoying this story...I may not always comment on each post but please know that I have been reading your continuing story and always look forward to the next exciting chapter!!! I do hope your hubby's leg is feeling better today! xox

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Adam's a pushy kinda guy. Hope that he gets a comeuppance.

KJ said...

I love these fanciful stories! I'll stay tuned for the next episode...


justabeachkat said...

Oh no...where is Henry when we need him?


Hummingbird Chats said...

Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog. I love your story, keep up the wonderful work.