Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mrs. Mary

Mary wants you all to know that she has had computer problems for 9 days and cannot visit your blogs.
Someone is going to wipe out her hard drive and start all over.

She says she is going to the doc for a checkup today. It is a full time job jumping through all the hoops the doctors assign you. Go here, go there...

To the special blog friend who sent a package she says "THANK YOUUUU!!!" she is describing all the goodies inside and is overjoyed.
Mary says not to leave out the other friends who have sent cards and made calls to her. She loves you all dearly, dearly!

I want to tell you about her granddaughter who is just so smart. She got contacts and surprised the doctor by putting them in so quickly and taking them out again for him.
She also got almost straight A's on her report card. She had her first B and asked the teacher... "how far was I from an A?" One point the teacher said... "well it won't happen again", Kiley said. She is a self-starter!
Thanks for your prayers and for coming by!


Auntie Bliss said...

Sorry...this is Phyllis from Blissitydoodah, Mary and I are neighbors.

Vee said...

Hi, Phyllis. Thank you for letting us know what's going on. Oh I do hate it when computers get their brains scrambled. How frustrating! Glad to hear that Mary is jumping through those hoops though it keeps her busy. (After my own doctor appointment yesterday, I know what she means.)


Computer problems...yuck!!!
I hope you'll be up and blogging soon and that your Dr appts go well!

Denise said...

Tell her that Denise from Life At My House said hello and I will check back often.......

tea time and roses said...

Thanks so much dear Phyllis for this update. Oh how I hate that when this happens...my computer was having a little trouble over the weekend but seem to work its self through. Tell Mary not to worry, we will be right here when she is up and running.:o)

Big hugs to each of you!



PEA said...

Hi Phyllis, thank you so much for letting us know what's going on with Mary and her computer. Fingers crossed that she will soon be online again, she's being missed:-)

I think doctors love to keep us hopping from one to the other! Sheesh! Hopefully she will get the help she needs.

Kiley really is doing wonderful, good for her!! May she continue to do so well:-) xoxo