Monday, February 28, 2011

Rain and more Rain

It is a really stormy, rainy day here in Southern Kentucky again. As I set typing I am listening to the pouring rains outside my window. We look as though we are sitting in the middle of an Island. Our house is surrounded by water.

I have been up since 3:00 a. m. I am going to the Doctor Wed. and I am going to ask about a medicine one of my friends is taking. I am very hopeful we will get some answers then. Please pray for the doctor to have the knowledge to find the right meds. The compassion to listen to me and understand what I am trying to tell him. It is sometimes so hard for them to know what we are saying, feeling and going through. I have not seen this doctor before.

My husband is in the background snoring away. He will not sleep when I can't he wants to stay up with me. I try to encourage him to stay in bed as he has so many health issues including a heart condition and needs lots of rest. We take care of each other!!!


vivian said...

I will be praying for that doctor to have wisdom and compassion and an answer! I love how your hubby and you take care of each other. what a sweet blessing. I hope you find the relief youre looking for dear Mary.
ps, i love the little girl rocking on the books in the corner of your blog page!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hope you are feeling better!
Wishing you a wonderful week dear friend!
Hugs, Sharon

Vee said...

Tomorrow's the big day! I'll be praying. Sounds as if spring rains have found you a little early. Will you have trouble getting out to see the doctor? I know what you mean about doctors so don't settle for less than what you need from one. God bless...

Gwendolyn said...

Trusting that Dr. will have the right recommendations for you today and that you'll have the wisdom to explain your situation well and clear. Your dear husband sounds like mine, so emphathetic and caring. Has the rain subsided? Any danger of flooding in your area?

PEA said...

You are so right, it's so hard to get a doctor to listen well and understand what you are going through. I do hope and pray that this new doctor really took the time to listen to you and could help you. xoxo