Monday, September 13, 2010


Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me!!!!!

I grew up hearing this little ditty. When I was a small child I would think how silly, words cannot hurt me. They are not able to cut me, or make me bleed. As I grew older I found out how wrong I really was about the power words have.

Yes they can be sharp to the point of cutting our spirits, and hearts making them "bleed".

When we put hateful, hurtful words out in the universe they take on a life, and meaning of their own. We can never, how hard we may try take them back. Once said, the damage has been done.

So why not go the other way, using kind uplifting words. Words can also have the power to help, to uplift someone making a positive difference in their life.

I am trying to learn to be very careful in the choice of words I choose to speak. I want to only say things that are are loving. My Grandmother: said if you cannot say something good about someone then say nothing. I have decided to adopt this saying and apply it to my daily living.

With this being said; I want to tell each of you how much I always appreciate all of the kind and inspiring words you leave for me!!!

Happy week my Friends!!!!!


~~Deby said...

You are so so right. I have been wounded to the core from WORDS--they hurt more than any old sticks or stones would have. I know some were NOT intentional but some were. I also have sadly wounded some, then the best words are truly "I am sorry" dad could never say that as a father. I think it is important that we do.
Great post.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Words are like toothpaste which has been squeezed out of the tube... You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube --and you can't put the words back in your mouth. Words can HURT --and they do....

I try to always try to say something nice --or not to say anything at all. BUT--sometimes words do pop out of mouth. Darn those words!!!! ha

Have a great week, Mary.

Vee said...

True enough. I'm not saying anything about you-know-who. ;>

vivian said...

Just think what the world would be like if we all lived like that!
It'll be that way in heaven.. I'm sure of it.

PEA said...

Oh yes, words can indeed hurt deeply and although can be forgiven, it's almost impossible to forget. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone only said kind words:-) You mean a lot to us as well!! xoxo


Hi Mary,
I think you always say the kindest things! I can't image anything mean coming from your lips!
Have a wonderful weekend.
deb :)

Amy said...

So true!!!

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