Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sometimes when I set very still and close my eyes, I can take myself back to my childhood.

In the Summer we spent many a nights sitting on our very large porch. I can hear the creaking of the swings as my Grandmother glides slowly back and forth. My Mom and Dad in their chairs with the four of us children setting on the porch floor or steps.

There was always food involved of some sort, and ice cold drinks. From the windows came the sounds of the fans humming away.

My Grandmother would begin the night by sharing stories from her childhood. Let me tell you this was so much more entertaining than sitting in the stuffy house watching the black and white T. V. I could use my imagination and see all the things she told us in living color.

Hours were spent in this manner just sitting with family and simply being. Occassionaly we would hear the hoot of an owl or sounds of the night around us.

Wonderful ways to pass those long hot Summer nights!!!!!


Blissitydoodah said...

Simple, sweet times!
Seems like hours were spent in lawn chairs at night outside...

vivian said...

sounds like you have great memories of your childhood and that you had a close family. That is so awesome! Enjoy your weekend

Lallee said...

Wonderful memories, Mary! I remember the longer summer evenings playing kick-the-can or hiding-go-seek until it was too dark to see. Then we were called in for the night.

My Vintage Studio said...

Such wonderful memories Mary!
I can remember spending summers with my grandparents. Oh how I loved my grandmother's cooking!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Sharon

KarenHarveyCox said...

Such lovely memories, Mary. You know a familiar way the summer wind might blow, or a scent of something brings back memories of summers gone by. How blessed you are to have such fond memories of your childhood.