Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Week Later

I cannot believe it has been a week since I got the frantic phone call from my daughter. Mom she said my house is burning. It was 15 degrees at the time they came out of their burning house. I was so afraid, so much was going through my mind. Are they all out? Is anyone hurt?

Amanda was crying so hard I could not understand what she was saying. She kept repeating Asa's name. My heart went into my stomach. She was trying to tell me that she had taken the children over to a neighbor and Asa was making sure the little ones were okay. What a brave little boy!!!!!

On this cold night they came out only in their new pjs my husband and I had gotten them for Christmas Eve night.

We are so thanking God for so many miracles that occur on this night. No one was hurt, no one got smoke into their lungs, and no one came down with the flu with the cold temps.

This has been a very long week for my daughter, her children, my husband and myself.

You all have been such a Blessing to us. The love we have been shown in this land of blog has been unmeasurable. You have showered us with prayers, love and lots more love. Hope. So many have written to say they were sending things for them. My heart has been so full. The way you all have gone above the call of duty to help us. My friends this will never be forgotten.

I had bought a sketch book last year for my Daughter and turned it into a scrapbook for her. She had put all the things the children had made for her, their report cards, special papers and so forth. She has cried many times over the loss of this. She even went back to the house in hopes of finding it. Of course it is gone. So today I was thinking why not make a scrape book with all things connected with the fire. The news paper articles, cards and notes from all of you. My goal in doing this is to turn it around so she can see and remember all the Blessings she received. Of course we will make a new scrapbook to keep the things of the Children's.

There are not enough words for me to tell you had I feel. I cannot thank- you enough for all of your generosity. My Family and myself send you all our love!!!!!!!!!!!


Vee said...

I am so glad that this week has shown that things will turn around. God bless you all.

Denise said...

Hey girl....... I am able to get out and about this week and sending a package your way.. Is there any place in sight after the 30 days where she is now? Bless her heart, I experienced a fire in 1995 and lost everything... I know the feeling..... I will send the box to you........

Sending my prayers for God to continue to bless her and her children....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm just glad, Mary, that everyone is okay... "Things" can be replaced. Lives cannot. May God be with ALL of you during these hard days...

Hugs and Prayers,

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Mary,

What a lovely post my friend. I am so happy for you and your sweet family. Our God is absolutely faithful, wonderful, awesome and just plain good!:o) Many folks say you really do not make friends in blogland, well we know better don't we.:o)

Take care my friend and give your sweet daughter a big hug for me!




Hi Mary,
That is so like turn it around to a blessing:)
Thanks for adding the folower gadget :)
Continued prayers for ALL.
Deb :)

PEA said...

I can well imagine what a week it's been! Mary, I hope it's ok, but I'm going to send a money order for your daughter to use on whatever she needs. I had planned on sending a WalMart gift card but found out if I bought one here, it wouldn't be good for the States. A box of stuff would cost a fortune to mail so...a money order seems to be the best solution! lol I will be mailing it tomorrow so please let me know when it arrives, it will probably take about a week to reach you. Just wish I could do more but please know that my prayers continue. I think that's a fabulous idea to make her a new of my brother in law's and his family lost everything in a house fire many years ago and someone had made them a scrapbook with all the newspaper clippings and cards related to the fire and they really treasure that. One of their sons was still in the house when the fire was going on...he was only 2 years old...a neighbour went in and crawled under the smoke to find him, saving him:-) xoxo

Jackie said...

What a lovely idea. A scrapbook! Sending something down to you this week, I hope it gets to you quickly.

God bless.