Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CHRISTmas Program

Tonight we went to our Granddaughter's school to hear her perform. She is in the honor choir at her school. She did an amazing job. We are so proud of her!! It was a beautiful program of Christmas music.

Then we all went to MacDonald's for dinner. It was one of those special, memory making days. She was beaming from ear to ear that we came. We walked in and she came out on the stage, we could tell she was looking for us. Made my heart pity-pat.

Girls went back to the eye doctor today. I do have glaucoma. Plus some other issues with my eyes. The pressure was 24 in left eye and 26 in the right eye. The opening behind my eyes is more than half way close. I have to go back to the doctor Jan. the 5th for more test. I think when we are through, I will get a second opinion. I want to be sure before I agree to have surgery. They gave me drops for the glaucoma and drops for the dry eye.

I have so much to share with you. The Lord has really be talking to me lately and keeping me busy. It is amazing how he has set a chain of events in motion to inable me to do what he wants.

I will be picking up the food for the Food Pantry tomorrow and we will be giving out the Christmas food Thursday.

It is really cold here tonight. I am going to snuggle under my throw and read for a little bit. I have to rest my eyes and can only read a little at the time. This is so hard for me as reading is my passion. I read a book a day most days and have been doing this since my teen years.


vivian said...

I'm sure your granddaughter was thrilled that you were there for her. She is very lucky to have you in her life. I hope things turn out ok for your eyes. thats a little scarey thinking about eye surgery. Maybe you could get some books on tape and close your eyes while youre listening... then your still getting a story and resting youreyes!

Little Lovables said...

how sweet for your granddaughter!!

I hope your eyes will be okay!

Jackie said...

Oh Mary, I hope they can help you out with your eyes. I know exactly what you mean about reading being your passion.

God bless.

Sandy said...

I miss my kids having those programs at school!! Will pray about your eyes!! Have a wonderful day. Sandy

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat Mary that you could be there for your granddaughter's special program. I remember all of those school music programs. That made Christmas for me!!!!

Sorry about your eyes. Have you thought about getting Books on Tape. You can get a small tape recorder and listen to the books instead of reading them... Just a thought since you love books.

Keep us posted --and DO get a second opinion.

Hugs and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

That's lovely for your granddaughter :) I keep my fingers crossed for your eyes. Hope it will be OK the 5th...

Jerri said...

How special to be able to attend for your granddaughter. I am sure she won't ever forget this......I think its a good idea to get a second opinion regarding your glaucoma....I hope all works out for you.....


Denise said...

Merry Christmas girl....... Wishing you all the joy that the Christ can bring.........


Hi Mary,
I love it when their eyes light up when they see their Grandma's!!
I'll pray for you and the dr's so that you'll know exactly what to do.
Thank you for your friendship!!
Deb :)