Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Happy Thursday Ladies!!!

I went to doctor today and he told me I had bubbles in my ears. I had never heard this before. I have so much fluid behind my eardrums that it is causing bubbles. Of course my husband had fun with this.

I took a turkey to a needy family yesterday for Thanksgiving. When I was giving this to the Mom her little 3 year old touched the Turkey and said, " my chicken, my chicken."

God gives us Blessing when least expect it!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday to all.


BellaBliss said...

Can we nickname you Bubbles, Mary?
I hope your ears get well quickly!

When I went to the turkey recipient's house last night, all the little girls were being put in their pjs. It was the cutest thing!
You aren't going to believe this...
but the mama...just turned 23! I thought she was much older.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Bubbles, well now that sounds so cute, but I bet it doesn't feel cute.

How nice to care for the needy. My mom collects food for the poor every year at her retirement home. One year she delivered baskets to the poor in Long Island.

You are a lovely person, Mary. Have a wonderful day.
Blessings, Karen

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Bubbles... Cute name for you. I've never heard of that either---but it certainly could have been much worse!!!! ha (Have you been swallowing bubble bath????? ha)

Nice of you to give a turkey away to someone in need. That is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Amy said...

I immediately thoughts of "Tiny Bubbles" when I read your post! I hope they aren't causing you too much discomfort!

I went to my monthly MOPS meeting today and was spiritually uplifted. Made me think of you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Crafting by Candlelight

PEA said...

Yup, we'll definitely have to call you Bubbles from now on! hehe I'd never heard of that either so I googled it and learned something new:-) I do hope the doctor was able to give you something to clear it up?

Bless your giving heart, no doubt that family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving because of you!! xoxo

aBohemianMarket said...

Okay, Mrs. Bubbles : )
Cool name : ) I hope your ears are NOT in pain.
I know you are a giving person all year yet it is so nice to call it ThanksGiving!!!
Have a great one Mary
peace & hugs

see you there! said...

Love that you gave us the tune to go with your malady. You are too cute!

Here's to feeling better. I know the family you blessed appreciates your care.



You are so sweet and may God bless you for your thoughtfulness. I wanted to tell you what a blessing you have been to me this past year. I also wanted to wish you and yours a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. connie


Hi Mary,
You are a blessing:) What a kind thing to do for others.
I need to pick up a turkey next week.
Happy Weekend, Bubbles :)
Deb :)

bluemuf said...

My dear sweet Mary, I just love your outlook on life. I do hope you ears clear up soon, I know how painful this can be.

How kind of you to take a turkey to a needy family. I am so sure it was much appreciated. I thought it was so sweet the little girl kept saying "my chicken"

Mary, I always find you posts to be very uplifting and just reading them brightens my day. I also appreciate you kind and caring comments.

Many Blessings
Hugs Karen

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Mary,

Bubbles behind the ears, that is certainly funny. I hope it all clears up pretty quickly.

You my friend have such a big heart, a true sweetheart indeed. I know that family will most certainly enjoy that "big chicken":o) Enjoy a beautiful weekend.



Lallee said...

Oh Mary. Forgive my chuckles. You may have a new name ;-) I hope you are doing better. I wanted to stop by and with you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Jackie said...

Bubbles, that sure tickled me. Hope the fluid build up goes away quickly.

Your story about the little boy touched my heart.

God bless.

Kat said...

I've never heard of having bubbles in the ear either. You and I both aren't 100% right now, but I'll be praying for us both that we're much better in time for Thanksgiving. My hubby is taking good care of me too.



Tea Time and Roses said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family Dear Mary. Enjoy a most beautiful Day.



Anonymous said...

may.. the.... blessing...> be .always ....with you............................!!

vivian said...

you're a doll! bubbles and all!
hugs!!! and have a great weekend. Its cold here too!