Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things that made me Happy Today

The smell of hot dogs on the grill.

My new haircut

The sun shinning

Going to a farm and getting pumpkins

The beautiful leaves on the trees

A drive in the country

Making potato salad for a dinner @ church tomorrow.

All of the Blessings God has bestowed upon us in the last month.

A phone call from a sweet friend.

This has been a wonderful day filled with so many special things. It is so good to wake up in the morning to see my husband's smiling face. We go back to the Doctor's on Tuesday for the next phase of things. I wish you a beautiful week.


Bliss said...

Awesome list!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Mary:
#1, I am glad your husband is home and although in some pain he is well.
#2, you are a loving, kind and sharing person!!! I think only good of you and you are so nice to em.
I like your list too.
Come see the newest picture of my grand daughter : )
love & hugs

Jackie said...

Lovely list Mary. It is the little things in life that are our biggest blessings.

God bless.

Mary said...


We have so much to be thankful for. I always try to count my blessings. I'm glad your hubby is home and still have him on my prayer list. My hubby is doing okay since his mini stroke. He has no blockage in this neck and his heart is not enlarged. Blessings, for sure.

Wishing you a great week.


Hi Mary,
I Love how you count your blessings:)
It's a great reminder that we (I) should do everyday.
Hope the Dr appt for your hubby will go well.
Deb :)

Lallee said...

Mary, I'm glad your husband has so many of the procedures behind him and is recovering well. I am continuing to pray. When you get caught up in the medical world I know it is like being on another planet. Your Beautiful list of blessings will help keep you grounded!

see you there! said...

Glad to hear about your husbands progress Mary.

You have a great list and you deserve every single one of those things that make you happy - and even a bunch more.


bluemuf said...

Hi Mary, I am so happy that your husband is home and on the mend.

I love your happy list. It is something I think we all should do every day.

Blessings and Hugs