Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

I am so blessed with the love I receive from all of you!!! Your love and concern has touched me and my husband so deeply. I will be updating you all on Friday.

As you know I volunteer in our local food pantry. We are seeing so many first time clients. They keep telling us the economy is recovering. I do not see this. Each time I go the buy food for myself or the pantry it is higher. These people are so embarrassed having to ask for help for themselves some of them are the ones who have always helped others. I truly believe in the old sage until you walk a mile in some one shoes. That is the only way we can know how these hurting people are really feeling.

Our local school system is out this week due to the flu. It seems so early for it to be so bad.

I will post and let you know what is happening on Friday. Have a great tomorrow!!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is so neat, Mary, that you volunteer at the Food Bank. There are alot of hurting people in this economy. It's very sad.

Hope you have some good news to tell us on Friday...
Prayers and Hugs,

vivian said...

HI Mary. There are so many scarey things goign on in our world arent there? At least we know who holds our future.. and its not our president! You are a gem helping out at your food pantry. I just love you for all the good you do. are you still hosting the kids craft nights?
have a sweet day Mary.. stay warm and cozy.. its very cold and dreary here... and I have a nasty cold to go with it!

carole said...

Hi Dear Mary:
We are in a bit of pickle and the economy is NOT getting any better.
How nice to work at the food bank. Where do you find the time?
The flu is hitting a lot of the schools out here too. I get my flu shot next month.
Take care

Amy said...

It IS such a tough time! We try to collect food for our local food bank but it never seems to be enough. The need is so great!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday on Yuesday! Hugs, Sharon

vivian said...

haha!! mary.. were you thinking I was nuts and wondering what the heck I was talking about when I asked about the kids craft nights?? the wires in my brain must have cross fired at that moment. I was thinking of Catian, shes the one that has all the kids over for crafts.. but you both have that same sweet loving spirit and I just got confused for a moment!