Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot and Humid

It is very hot and humid here in Southern Kentucky today.

I was watching T.V. this afternoon and it got hotter in my house.

A commercial came on, saying if you cashed your payroll checks at a certain discount store they would charge at the most $3.00. It was comparing itself to other places that charged up to $8.00.

You may want to disagree with me, but I feel any store that you are going to spend your money in should cash you checks for free. I realize this means extra work for the store and they are not banks, Would it not be a good deed especially in these tough economic times??

$3.00 may not seem like such a large amount but over a period of time it does add up. These days every penny counts. I just feel we should all be good neighbors and help each other.

I am still recovering but I am able to do a little more each day.

Our Granddaughter is coming to attend Church with us tomorrow. We are always happy when our Grands visit. Wishing you are a good weekend.


Jackie said...

I agree with you Mary. If a person is shopping in their store they should cash the cheque no questions or extra money asked. Hope your back is feeling better.

God bless.

Sandi McBride said...

I absolutely agree with you. And I would send the store that does this a message...until you cash the check that buys goods in your store for free, I'll be spending my money elsewhere and word of mouth is a powerful thing!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

$3 this week bought us 3 items of clothes! A local thrift store had dollar days all week. We bought 24 items of clothing including new and like new shirts for my husband, son and son-in-law, and 3 pr. of slacks for my husband. In fact, he is preaching today in a $2 outfit! Thank God for the $3 I didn't spend cashing a check somewhere.

bluemuf said...

Oh Mary, I can relate to your hot and humid. I am so looking forward to my very favourite time of the year...Autumn. I can hardly wait.

I am so glad you are on the mend. Take care of yourself and get better soon.

Hugs Karen

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Mary!

I too heard that same commercial. What happen to the days of true customer appreciation. As you said, three dollars is a lot cheaper than most places but for a loyal customer free is a whole lot better.:o) Enjoy a beautiful week my friend and continue to take it easy with your back. Chat with you soon.:o)



Jackie said...

I hope you are getting better every day.

God bless.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Mary, I hope that you are feeling better. I agree with you Mary, that is really taking advantage. Here we have a bank on every corner, so the shops wouldn't dare even try this.

I am praying that your back will be healed.


see you there! said...

Long time, no see! I'd been trying to click on your name when you posted to my blog but it wouldn't let me in. Finally our good friend Miss Bliss told me what to do.

Where did summer go when I wasn't looking? School starts already.


Anonymous said...

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