Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's

I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my sister and her family.

A couple of weeks age my BIL went to the doctor after having the flu in Feb. He never got better. A CT scan was ordered. Then it was suggested he go to a Nashville area hospital for more test. On Tuesday they confirmed it was lung cancer. My husband and i went by to visit them on Tuesday night. He looked so tired so we did not stay longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

After my husband left for work on Wednesday Morning I heard the police car go tearing down my street. (I live two streets over from my sister). I knew in my heart what it was. I lay in my bed quietly praying about 30 minutes later the phone rang. I said to myself okay Lord that is the phone call. He gave me the strength to make the calls to my BIL work where his brother and my husband both work. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

I praise his holy name for not allowing my BIL to suffer. I know he is in Heaven with his parents and my little brother having a great time.

Please continue to pray for my sister and her family.

Today I went to church with my husband . After which I cooked a Father's Day dinner for him. Then I laid down at 3:00 and slept until 7:30. I am so tired. Tomorrow is our 35Th wedding anniversary. I plan on cooking for that as well.

I was given some books this past week. I picked up a really good one tonight. The title is Sweet Carolina written by Stephen Bly. It is a christian novel. I am really liking it.

I pray everyone has a great Monday.


Mary said...


I am so sorry that your BIL was diagnosed with lung cancer. However, I'm glad he is home with the Lord and won't have to suffer.

Praying for you and your family and of course your dear sister.

Wish you lived closer and I would give you some of that lettuce.

Happy Anniversary, my friend. 35 years is certainly a milestone.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Mary. Hope you feel better soon. Praying for your family. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hugs, Sharon

My Vintage Studio said...

FORGOT...Happy Anniversary!

a portland granny said...

Dear Mary,
You have had a a difficult week. Losing a loved one is life changing. What a blessing that he did not have to suffer,altho the cancer must have been doing its' work in his body. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. This week-end I posted about my Dad for father's day and I have been very weepy since I did that.

When I read your post tonight the tears began again as I know what you all are going through, will be going through,and have gone through. Death is not easy....however we do not say good-by without the glorious hope within that we will see them again.

Praise God for His finished work on the cross through our Lord Jesus!!

Take, care, dear sister.

Margaret Cloud said...

Mary, it is not easy to loose someone you love. In the corner of our hearts is a special place for each one we love and when they are no longer with us, that little corner aches and longs for them. Time does heal our sorrows but we do have our memories and our prayers do help also. May God bless each one of you and thank you for taking the time to come by.

Marie Antionette said...

May god Bless you and your family at this and all times.I'm really so sorry Mary. It must really be rough on your sister.We offetn wonder why we are put though these trials.But it all comes down to god knows better than us and thatswhy we have our faith.My bet heartfelt wishes to your family.Hugs Marie Antionette


Hello Sweet Mary...

You have my deepest sympathy and prayers during this time...I am so sorry...~HUG~

Congrat's on 35 Years of Marriage..I hope you can go out for dinner...sounds like you need something Happy/fun to do.

Deb :)

carole said...

Oh Mary:
Since you are so strong I feel like I can shed tears. How sad : (
Simple prayers from me to our Lord; I know he is happy with no pain in Heaven. How cool an anniversary of 35 years!!! You will have to let us know what you cooked : )
My thoughts to you, your sister and her family.
Stay sweet my friend

KJ said...

Oh, Mary... I am sorry to hear of your family's loss. I, too, am glad that he didn't have to suffer, but departure is never easy. God has ordered our steps and none of us knows how long we have on this earth. We truly need to appreciate everyone and every moment.

I'm glad to hear that your Father's Day celebration was blessed.

Hugs, KJ

Vickie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL and I'm sorry for your family's pain. I pray that your sister will be strengthened and comforted by His hand. I'm so glad he won't have to suffer. That in itself is a blessing. I've watched far too many friends and loved ones suffer and go on and on, and even praying that the Lord would take them. Big hugs to you all.

Dolly said...

You are all in my prayers dear Mary!
I am so sorry for your loss!

Hugz, Dolly

Denise said...

Hey girl..... so very sorry about your BIL.... Such a tragic story but God is good and did not leave him here to linger. I will continue to pray for your sister and the family.. It is a good thing that you live close to her.. She will need you in the weeks to come..

Blessing to you my friend..

Vee said...

Joining you in praising God that your brother-in-law is safely home. We sometimes forget just how very alive our loved ones are in Heaven...more alive than they ever were here. Will keep your sister in my thoughts. She will be so grateful for having you close.

On a completely different note, hope that you enjoyed a wonderful anniversary!

Oh, about that spelling thing above...if you're like me, you've seen words spelled so many different ways by now that it gets confusing. I adopt Mark Twain's philosophy: I always think a man who can spell a word more than one way is a mighty smart fellow...or something like that! :D

bluemuf said...

My dear Mary, All of you are still on my prayer list and will be for awhile.

take care of yourself
Hugs Karen