Friday, May 1, 2009


As Mother's Day draws near I would like to share about some very special Women who have helped to shape my life. Of course my Mom and Grandmother were and are a very important part of my life. There are some others who were and are special to me. I would like to begin with my fifth grade teacher.

When entering the fifth grade we were told how "mean" this teacher was. I was a very timid and shy child so I was very scare of this lady. I did not know anything about her just what the other kids said.

As each day came and went I begin to like her more and more. She was very strict but was kind. She wanted you to listen and learn. She was very fair. She made learning an adventure and fun. I was a sponge and I soaked it all up.

She saw the importance of Reading and encourage us to read as much as possible. I credit her with my love for books!!!

The first grading period came and I received all A's except for citizenship and got a B in that. This crushed me so much. My parents called her and she told them there were no problems with my behavior. She just did not give anyone an A the first grading period. She wanted us to always be on our best behavior and this gave us something to strive for.

The next grading period I got my A and I won the citizenship award for my class that year . I won a special trip and was so excited.

My Grandmother gave me money to buy her a gift at the end of the year. I went to the Drug Store and bought her a pair of cameo earrings. I was so proud of them. When I gave them to her she gave me the biggest smile and hug I had ever had from any teacher. She told me how proud she was of me and all the good work I had done in her class.

As the years came and went I never saw her that she did not have these earrings on. She always showed me that she was wearing them. When she died she was buried in them.

Thank you so much for the positive influence you had on my life. I will never forget you!!!!


Mary said...


What a beautiful tribute to your teacher. I know how much difference a teacher can make in the life of a can be positive but sometimes it is negative. I'm glad your teacher loved her students, was strict and fair.

Have a wonderful weekend.

a portland granny said...

What a lovely tribute to your teacher. I cried as I read it for she seemed to truly show her love in her classroom. What a blessing to you!

vivian said...

what a sweet story.. as much as she impacted your life, you obviously impacted hers as well. Those earrings must have meant something very special to her.
youre a doll and I love your heart!!

Bliss said...

Sounds like you were her pet!
The first earrings I bought were little blue cameos.

PEA said...

Oh Mary, this post brought tears to my eyes, how very heartwarming!! Teachers sometimes don't realize the very important role they play in our lives and there's always one teacher who stands out, like yours did in your life. xoxo

NCmountainwoman said...

Nice tribute to a wonderful teacher. I also have fond memories of some lovely teachers who helped shape my life.

carole said...

What a poignant tribute to both you and your teacher!!!
It is truly something when our youth was impacted by special people.
How loving!!!
Thank you for coming to enter and for sending me an e-mail.

Vee said...

As a former teacher, I can tell you that you must've been a very special student. What a delightful story and thank you for sharing it, Mary.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What a sweet story Mary. It made me remember my fifth grade teacher.Alot of students were afraid of her too. But she was so nice. If I don't get back to see you before mother's day ; I hope you have a dear one !

bluemuf said...

Mary, what a wonderful post. Your teacher sound like a very special lady, but then again she had a very special student.

Hugs Karen


Hi Mary,

Teachers leave some good and not so good impression on us. I'm glad yours turned out GOOD.

Have a great week..
Deb :)

Kathleen Grace said...

That is such a great story Mary! I had some teachers that others thought were mean that I just loved too. Usually the kids that thought they were mean needed a little discipline!

Back Through Time said...

What a wonderful post!!
Have a happy Monday

Amy said...

What a wonderful story!!! It is obvious how much your sweet gesture meant to your teacher!

(Crafting by Candlelight)

Catherine Holman said...

This is such a great tribute to a wonderful lady and teacher! I'm truly touched. I'm glad you like your little painting!

Pam said...

What a lovely post....I don't know where you went to school, but your teacher sounds almost exactly like my fifth grade teacher. She was a wonder, and I adored her- most everyone thought she was mean- she was strict, and she expected each student to give their very best. But I also found her to be creative, kind, and very encouraging, not only to her top students, but also to those who really needed that little extra bit of encouragment.
How I wish my grandchildren could sit in her classroom today!
Thank you for bringing back memories of that very special lady.