Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Preparation For Easter! Eggstreme Fun~

We all gathered at Phyllis's home to learn to make these beautiful cards. (Taught by a lady who is new to our community!)
These are a few of the fun things we used to decorated them.
We used pastel chalks, colored pencils, stickers, ribbon, scrapbook papers and stencils. ( let your creative juices flow) The black shape on the table is the pattern. We Folded card stock and cut a double sided card out. We used card stock so the card would stand. Then we decorated them as we wished. As you can see we had a blast. I had so much fun that we are going to do these for Sunday School and Children's Church. We will make these for our families, and the nursing home and home bound people in our town.

What would a get together be without good food. We had a delicious brunch. One friend brought Mexican Grits Casserole. I could have eaten it all.
All of these ladies are so special to me.
Please go to Phyllis's blog and see more. For the love of vintage.

I am working (playing) so hard.
Now to the real work. There is laundry calling my name. LOL!!!!!!


Vee said...

Isn't it great to be a part of a crafting group of great gals making Easter cards for a lot of folks who are going to enjoy them so much. I don't know whose home that is, but what a great room!

a portland granny said...

What a fun day for you! The cards are adorable and the luncheon sounds like it was delicious. Do you think there is any chance of getting that Mexican casserole recipe?? (I'm always on the hunt for new and delicious recipes)

Glad you had such a lovely day!

jojo-caramel said...

Beautiful Brunch !!! Any left ? No ? It looks so delicious ! Beautiful cards !!! Beautiful material !!! I love working with pastel chalks... It is so great to work/play together like you do ! Have a lovely day :) xo

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Saw these on Phylis's blog too! What fun you ladies must have had!!! Everything looks lovely!


Hi Mary,
AWESOME Easter cards!!! Just Love them and they are perfect for your
kids to make.
What is Mexican casserole? Looks like you need to give us the recipe.

Becky K. said...

I am looking forward to a crafty evening on Friday night at our church. I'll be scrapbooking while others knit, crochet or whatever other handwork they enjoy.

Have a very blessed week!

Mary said...


I'm sure the cards turned out beautiful. The embellishments and other supplies look wonderful.


Denise said...

Thanks for coming by and the sweet comment about Mom..... You are dear to my heart...

Love your Easter crafting.. I have got to get up and get busy..... You have some pretty things

The White Bench said...

Oh!! I ALWAYS have laundry calling my name!!!!!!! A suggestion?? JUST PLAY!!!!
Wonderful day!
P.s. Thanks for your wishes!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day to me :) The cards are adorable!


bluemuf said...

Mary, can life get any better. Good company, good food and creative crafting.

Love the cards

Hugs karen

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Mary,
Those are some very beautiful Egg shaped Easter card there. You all did a great job in decorating them also. It will be good project for the kids to do for their families and folks in nursing homes and home bournd folk in the Churhc. I may have to tell a couple of Sunday School teachers about that in our Church. It would be something the kids in our Church could do also. I have been doing laundry and washing dishes. I'm having to take our youngest daughter to see on oral surgeon today. She is going to have to have a root canal. Take care my friend and have a great day. ay GOD Bless you and youers,
Karen H.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Love the cards!!
Thanks for coming by my blog!

Deb said...

That looks like a great time by all, and love the Easter cards. So glad you stopped by, I so enjoy your blog, hope you will visit again. God Bless:)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

AWWW! I love this post! It looks like so much fun and the cards are so pretty!!

jojo-caramel said...

Happy Spring to you Mary !!! Have a lovely day :) xo

KarenHarveyCox said...

I wish I could have been there. Those cards look beautiful. My laundry does that too...and the vacuuming, dusting and dinner too! What fun to create with some lovely friends.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Mary,
I tried to visit Shabby In The City, but she has changed her preference to Invited Guests Only. I signed into my google account, but I am not on her list. Could you ask her if I could have permission?
Thanks, I would love to see the rest of the cards that you all made.

kari and kijsa said...

SO fun!! Love this! We just wanted to say Thank you!
kari & kijsa

Margaret Cloud said...

Looks like you lady's are having so much fun, it is nice to do projects with friends, have a great weekend.

Jackie said...

I love your Easter cards. I bet you had a great deal of fun making them.

God bless.

Marie Antionette said...

Those Easter cards are very very pretty.Great job on them, and you all seem to have so much fun making them.XXOO Marie Antionette

Mary said...


I mailed your book today. It should be there in about 7 to 10 business days. Enjoy! My apologies for it being so late.