Monday, March 30, 2009

A Blessed Sunday!!

We had a wonderful time Sunday praising our Lord in my children's Sunday School class.

Our lesson was on Jonah and the Whale. Of course the main jest of this was about obedience to Our Lord. Which led to many branch topics on obeying. Such as listening, respecting, and obeying our Parents, Teachers and Respect for our Leaders. It was really interesting to hear their thoughts. My kids are growing and learning!! It makes one so proud!!

We also worked on our projects. As you know we are making Easter Cards for those who are sick in our Community.

Along with the cards, yesterday we made a small Flower Pot Bunny Basket for them to put on our Bookshelf in hopes of a treat on Easter Sunday. They are so cute and such a nice reward for all the hard work they are doing for others.

One of the older young men came in at the end of our class to check-up on his younger sibling. As I was telling the children to leave their mess and I would come back after church services to clean it up. He said I will come back and help you Mrs. Mary.

When I went into my room after church he was in there cleaning our room. My heart leaped in my chest with happiness. (as I had taught this young man when he was the age of the children I teach now) It makes me feel as the seeds I am trying to sow are going to be reaped.

It was a Blessed Sunday!!!!


Vee said...

What a sweet young man! He certainly has been taught well. I bet that the children are getting quite excited for Easter time.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Mary, We are home from a wonderful trip to the Smokies... It was like a little piece of heaven. Read my blog today!!!

What a wonderful Sunday you must have had. There's nothing better than Sunday School with children.. Praise God.


I know just how you felt. Isn't it a blessing when we see those that we are teaching or have taught doing things that we have taught them. I taught on Joseph Sunday. How that every bad thing that was done to him, God made it be for Good.connie

bluemuf said...

Hi Mary, How nice that young man came back to help. I love seeing well brought up children. I would love to see the bunny baskets the children made for their Easter treat,they sound so nice. I love the Easter season.
Hugs Karen

Mary said...


Children learn from us even when we don't realize they are. I'm sure that young man learned a lot from your classes and how wonderful that he would come and help you clean. Kudos to him.

Have a great week, my friend.

Jackie said...

Isn't it wonderful when the seeds we plant for the Lord take root.

God bless.

Lallee said...

I always love hearing what you are doing with your Sunday school class. You are truly planting beautiful seeds, and how nice that you had a glimpse of one of them growing. I love the story of Jonah. God has used it many times in my adult life to teach me something I needed to learn. Such sweet music on your sidebar!

Anonymous said...