Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Book of Esther

As many of you know I teach 1st-3rd grade in Sunday School. Today our lesson was taken from the book of Esther. It mostly covered the entire book. The king as you know was not happy with his first Queen after she refused to come to him when he sent for her. So he decided to find a new Queen. He had many girls brought to the place where they were placed under the care of one of his severants, They were only to eat the best of food and recieved beauty treatments before they were sent to visit the King. When he met Esther he found favor with her and he choose her for his Queen.then you know the rest of the story of how she had to risk her life to save her life and that of her people. For she had not told the King she was a Jew. I read the entire book of Esther again yesterday and suggest you do so to. This was a remarkable woman who faced death to save her people. She showed great courage. I hope we can follow her example and when we are faced with the trails of life can show as much courage as she did.


Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Mary, I teach 4th & 5th grade girls and I love it. They are so sweet and such a blessing to spend time with:>)

Mimi said...

Hi Mary,
I teach 3rd thru 5th grade, we also studied Esther yesterday...I love the challenge...
blessings to you my friend,

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Mary,
I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It meant so much to me :)

Love ya,

Sandi McBride said...

Hi Mary, I found you had visited my blog and wanted to thank you for the kind comments and wish you welcome, please come back again and eyes were immediately drawn to the post beneath the newest one by Queen Esther's name. She was one of my heroes as a child and the other was Ruth. Ruth was one of the strongest ladies in the Bible...what are your thoughts on her?

La Tea Dah said...

This has always been my favorite Bible story. When I was a little girl I would love to dress up as Esther. Have you read the book, "A Night with the King" by Tommy Tenney? It's her story. . .and oh so good. The movie is just 'so so' after reading the book.

:) LaTeaDah