Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last Evening

There was a nip in the air last night,making it very chilly here. I decided to make potato soup for our dinner. Then for a special treat I made mulled cider. Steaming hot mugs of cider on a cold night,who could ask for anything more. I thought I would share my recipes. I peel 6 to 8 russett potatoes and dice them into medium size pieces then I chop 2 stalks of celery and a medium onion . I place all this in the pot with enough chicken broth to cover and cook on medium heat until potatoes are fork tender. Drain off any liquid and put back on heat then add 1 can cheddar cheese soup and milk to get thickness you want. I made cornbread to eat with this. For the cider I slice 1 orange and add it and the cider to a saucepan, then add cinnamion sticks and one third cup brown sugar and 1 tablespoon mulling spice. Simmer until it is piping hot. Oh does this make the house smell good. Put in your favorite mug, put your feet up and enjoy!!!!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

You do make a person want to say "I'll be right over!"
It all sounds wonderful.

bj said...

Ummmm, UM! Potato soup and cornbread, with a slice of onion, of course, is one of our favorite meals. Good grief, it sounds so good, I might make some for tomorrow night. I made stew last night and it will taste even better tonight. A fresh pan of cornbread and we're good to go.
Thanks for coming over. Please come back soon.

carole said...

Hi Mary Isabella:
Your blog is so calming and peaceful. You must have a super kind and soft aura about you. I dearly enjoy coming and visiting you!!!
I think Phyllis may beat me to your house : ) She is great company too!!!
Peace & Love to you

a pink-bee said...

Sounds so yummy :) Thanks for sharing the recipe :) Have a Happy Day :)
crystal :)

Cottage by the River said...

Mary Isabella- I should have your goodies in the mail by today or Friday. Hope your having a great week.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh I just love potato soup on a cold night. I think I will make that for my guys this evening :)


Tea Time and Roses said...

It sounds delicious Mary! I am so glad your package arrived! Enjoy!!

Smiles to you...


Kari & Kijsa said...

Sounds wonderful! Perfect for the cold winter nights!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I'm on the way with mug in hand!!

Adriann said...

Yum! My husband will love this. Gotta try it this weekend. Thanks!