Wednesday, October 17, 2007


WHEN the word FAMILY comes to mind I think of so many different things. First there is the family we are born into ,then the family we marry into, then the family we create and then the family we choose. I am the oldest of four children. We all lived in my father's childhood home. My Father's mther 's home. My Grandmother was quite a lady. She was for beyond her times. She felt everyone shoul have equal rights and she saw to it that they did. She divided the chores and work of the house equally. Eveyone had to do their part. I learned many life lessons at my Grandmother's knee. She was a great crafter and clothes designer . She was a remarkable cook. She and My Mother spent many hours in our kitchen cooking and canning. We children would hear them talking and laughing, Knowing everything was all right with our world. When I got married I inherited a whole new family. I love them all but my favorite was My Husband's sweet Aunt. It is hard for me to type this without tears rolling down my cheeks.;she went home to be with her LORD five years ago. This was the most preciuos christian woman. Her Lord and her family,and friends were everything to her. She took me under her wing when I married my husband 33 years ago. I credit her with my being the christian woman I am today. She was there encouring me and picking me up when I fell. My husband is my best friend. we walk side by side through the ups and downs of this life. I thank my God for giving him to me and for each day he gives us together. We are the parents af 4 children and 8 Grandchildren. We love them all beyond words. Childen are truly God's gift to us. Then there are the people we chooseand they choose to call friends. I treasure each one of these special pepole . You love me just the way I am. You share all the lows and highes of my life. You do not keep a list of my shortcomings, but praise me on my accomplishments. i love each and everyone of you. As we walk throgh this live being loved and having the ability to love are greatest gifts one could recieve.


bluemuf said...

I have been spending the last little while reading some of your post. I have really enjoyed them. Thank you for your visit yesterday to my blog.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

This is such a beautiful post. God has blessed you indeed!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Scrappy Moments said...

What a Wonderful Post. Very Sentimentl and well written.

Thank You for visiting my blog and Leaving sweet comments :)


ShabbyInTheCity said...

I like the part about Mom and Grandmother in the kitchen...that does give comfort, doesn't it?
Do you think Mrs. Bonnie got to read this today?
The youth and I visited Mrs. Anita and Mr. Joe last night. It was really good.